Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New from Philip Yancey!

Yancey's long awaited work is finally here! It's called Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? Zondervan says it's not coming out until October, BUT you can pre-order it to come the first of September, at a discount from Christian Book Distributors. A brand new, hardback book, at a 40% discount, written by Philip Yancey--what more could you ask for? Seriously.


Papermoon said...

If you read this book, share what you think about it with us.

Sarah said...

The book hasn't come out yet, that's why I ordered it, so I could read it as soon as possible. But it's Philip Yancey...what more need I know?

nathan118 said...

So are you going to regularly update this thing now?? :) I'll have to add you to the blarg friends if you do.

Sarah said...

I think I'm a sporadic blogger...there will certainly be times when I update a lot more than others. Plus, my friend who couldn't access blogger while he was in China is back in the U.S., so I may start keeping this site up to date again.

Stina said...

Hi Sarah,

I found your blog on a search for Philip Yancey--ditto--anything he puts out is gonna be great! (my personal favorites are the one about Dr. Paul Paul Brand, and Soul Survivor)

I used to say I was an optimist, so I read reformed stuff by a guy who's initials are J.P.
Then I learned I was a cynic, so I read Yancey :-)

Nice work on the blog... keep it up!