Thursday, April 26, 2007


Sunday evenings usually find me hanging out at Borders, reading and just kicking back. This week Paddy and I were the only ones to be able to make it. He found an illustrated guide to all things X-men, and I discovered a history of the world, told by quotes from contemporary literature, as well as a book on how to interpret your dreams. We made ourselves comfortable, determined to not budge until it was announced that Borders had closed for the evening.

In the book of quotes, I discovered a quirky bit of
sarcasm penned by Tertullian, c. 200 AD.
"If the Tiber rises so high it floods the walls, or the Nile so low it doesn't flood the fields, if the earth opens, or the heavens don't, if there is famine, if there is plague, instantly the howl goes up, 'The Christians to the lion!' What, all of them? to a single lion?"

Now, as we were expanding our minds, this little guy settled in next to me. He took a look at the large tomes at my feet, and proceeded to read his book--"The Welder's Handbook". It was good to see that kids can be so decisive about a career at such an early age.

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