Friday, July 18, 2008

A Silver Teapot

A woman just walked into the church office, asking if she could buy one of the decorations we have in the café. When I told her I was pretty sure it wasn’t for sale, she insisted that I find out for sure. I told her no, it wasn’t for sale, and she acted like I was trying to cheat her.

Since when did we become a thrift store?


nathan118 said...

Maybe she was going to offer a millllion dollars for it?!?!

Padfoot240 said...

Yea, you should have asked how much.

Lol, funny story indeed.

The Lunaverse said...

I think we became a thrift store sometime in 1982. That's when we changed the name of our church to, "Downey First Christian Thrift Store".
Wait a minute.....
Yeah, that never happened.