Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harry Potter, At Last!

I finished the Deathly Hallows this morning at 1:00 am. That means that in 25 days, I have accomplished the reading of the entire Harry Potter series, all 7 books.
What an enjoyable adventure it has been! I've been mesmerized, from the first description of the home on Privet Drive, to the crucial moment when Harry finally understands (and even beyond that), my imagination has soared, my heart has been gladdened, and I have been caught up in a world of honor, nobility, friendship and self-sacrifice.

I've been asked which volume is my favorite, but in all honesty, since I sped through them, I could not choose one over the other; the story all blends together, as a whole. However, I did discover something to become a favorite, although you may find it quite odd to get this from the books: I have come to a deeper appreciation and greater admiration for Gary Oldman as an actor. Sirius Black easily became a favorite character, and since I'd already seen the movie, his being came alive in my mind with the semblance my eyes had already taken in. (And to have done such a superb job in Batman simply added to my gratitude to him as an actor, having portrayed those characters so vividly.)
But this detracts from my main point; the books were well-written, enthralling and worth every last minute dedicated to them over the last 25 days.

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