Friday, May 13, 2005

boycotting lol

I am raising a worldwide cry to buck against the pressure of using "lol" and such shortcuts to express emotions in instant messaging. Be creative! For example, use increments of "ha"; "ha" would indicate a snort or short giggle, whereas "hahahahahahahahahaha" might be a belly laugh.

One of my friends once said that if you think you're a leader, you should look behind and see who or what is behind you. Do I dare cast a look over my shoulder?


Erica said...

Sarah, I hear you. Lol is old and overused. But there is also a problem with using "hahahahaha". When I see that little trail of letters on my IM window, I can't help but picture the person who sent it laughing literally like that. It's weird!
At least lol is open for interpretation, or for filling in the gap with what you already know the persons laugh to be like.
Sounds like we need to think of a better option that "lol" and "hahaha"

Erica said...

For example, when you say, "hahaha" on IM, I hear a very deep, low, gravely voice laughing in a very paused and monotone fashion. It's disturbing since you actually happen to have a very pleasant voice. See, now we've created a crisis and I'll forever picture you with a nasty chain smoker laugh.