Friday, May 13, 2005

i think i'm looking at the Bible a little differently now...

So, a new power verse:

I finished Ruth, and am now working my way through 1 Samuel. And then, bam! It hit me . . . another Word directly from God.

"How long are you going to stay drunk? Put away your wine."
1 Samuel 1:14

This one, I believe, especially speaks to Ozark students. How long are you going to act attentive in class, only to go party on the weekends? How long will you drag yourself out of bed, still hung over, just to kneel in chapel, as though truly worshiping (when we all know you simply can't keep your balance on your feet)? How long will you hypocritically hide your wine when with certain people, but pull it out when they are all gone?

And so (could I say it better myself?), "Put away your wine" (as well as your whine, but that will be left for another day, and another verse).


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Anonymous said...

Doorbell rings.

Muffled noises from inside. Sound of feet running toward door. Two pairs of eyeballs peer through the window. Door opens.

"Quick! Lock it behind you!"

I come in, suspicious, and wander to the kitchen. Hmph.

The memory begs the question, "How long will YOU hypocritically hide your wine...?

And, I'm not convicted in the least. I only hide Smirnoff.