Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Week of Farewell

Paddy's just been gone 5 days, and I miss him. However, I got to spend the best week with him before he left. For example, I got to give him a haircut, the second he's gotten from me.
And then we went to six flags where we got to stand in line a lot. And about 2 hours of that was in the rain, which, because he had called me the night before, I was prepared for, with my heavy-duty storm jacket. It made for a long day, though, as the rides kept having to stop for extra maintenance because of the rain. So Paddy slept wherever he could find a spot. Unfortunately for him, I don't think that the walls leading into Riddler's Revenge were very clean.
Here's Paddy, going up on our first ride of the day (which was at about 2, because of the rain), Riddler's Revenge. I think that's Tatzu in the background...we got an awesome view of the park as we were going up. The view was better from Goliath (I had the privilege to share this coaster with Paddy for his first time!), but my camera battery was dead by then.
And here he is with Katie, about to ride Tatzu for the first time. We decided it certainly was a rush, although not quite as much as X (that ride wasn't for the faint-hearted!).

I'm surely going to miss him...


Milky said...

Yay!! A Paddy post!
I'm glad I'm not living too far away. So I can come back and do church activities!

Amy said...

yay for paddy!!!