Friday, December 14, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

In no particular order:

Relient K and Switchfoot concert with Paddy

Adam Sandler's Chanukah songs--all three of them

A hot cup of Earl Grey or Amaretto tea

Niall's hugs

Unexpected gifts in the mail

Jon Foreman's new EP

Striped toe socks

Stepping into an outside muted by falling snow

My red iPod from Gudymente

Stories with which to get caught up in their immensity

Watching superhero movies with Trevor

Talking with Solomon over a cup of coffee

Mom's cooking and Dad's homemade bread


Milky said...

I want food. And another Relient K/Switchfoot concert.

Sarah said...

You should come to MO with me. My mom is an awesome cook.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's your Mom's cooking and your Dad's bread !

Chris Williams

The Lunaverse said...

You're forgetting my knowledge of movies!