Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Not...

...a [ ] secretary.

Get it through your heads!


Jeff said...

I stop by and read you once in a while. I think I found you on Josh Furnal's blog? Anyway, I enjoyed your previous post about the Crabb book. Haven't read it. Still might, though I've not been reading much besides the Bible lately. I was wondering about this post though.

You're not a [] secretary!?! OK. That's fine with me. Can you be more specific then? I felt like you directed your post at me for some odd reason and I never assume anything, much less occupations of others, so please illuminate us in regard to your real work. In the meantime, stop by my place:

And just so you'll know, I'm not a haberdasher.

Sarah said...

just frustrations at work...we've lost a couple of people in the past year, which means i've been asked to take on more responsibilities which i never really wanted in the first place. i get treated like a common secretary because we currently don't have someone to fulfill that role, and i guess i'm the closest thing. but i never studied to be a secretary, and hate the thought of ever maybe becoming one. and since i'm essentially doing 2+ jobs right now, i get especially irate and downright angry when i'm asked to make photocopies or send mail, when the people asking have perfectly good legs to walk over to the postage meter and/or photocopier, and at least eight fingers to help them punch in the correct buttons on the machines to get the desired effects.
i get out of bed more willingly and earlier than needed on days that i don't work than days that i have to face being treated like everyone's personal assistant.

Jeff said...

I understand. People take advantage and bosses think, "well, we don't have to hire anybody. Sarah's got it handled". Right?

It seems to work that way everywhere. I do apologize if I was too nosey.

I'm a management slave at UPS. The company is run by engineers. They will calculate how much work a person should be able to do and then suggest that number be exceeded. Then they wonder why I have high blood pressure. It would be funny in a situation comedy.

My weekends have been better for sometime too. I particularly like Sunday morning. I get to teach an adult Sunday school class. It's always the high point of my week. The rest of it just grinds on and I still have 15 years to retirement, if they don't kill me before then. That was a joke I hope!!

Josh grew up in the same church that I did, just at different times. I try to send him support whenever I can. He's a good man. I wish I had his skill with people. I might be a preacher too.

It was good to talk to you. Find yourself a job where you can find yourself. One that you love where 12 hours can pass and you don't notice. I know you didn't ask my advice, but I won't charge you for it. Take care. It was good to talk to you.