Sunday, February 10, 2008

Save Me From Myself!

Have you ever felt like God's been trying to get your attention for a while, and one day you finally catch on?

I've slowly been making my way through a book (Inside Out by Larry Crabb. One of the most honest books I have read about life as a Christ-follower. Read it.) which talks about the brokenness of us, as humans, and how we try to make up for it by demanding our own way, when what we need is to learn how desperately dependent on God we are.

I'm working through a study on the tabernacle. This morning I opened the book and read about how God took 40 years to engrain in his people their dependency on him.

Yesterday I literally sat and listened at the feet of one of my favorite singer/songwriters. He sang of being wistful, broken, and seemingly bent on his own self-destruction. But he also sang words of hope, of perfect love, of discovering a peaceful dependency on the one who is actually able to suffice.

And it hit me--my own fierce independence is what keeps me from God, from having the kind of relationship with him that I want, from having the quality of life for which I long.
I cannot live in my own strength or trust my own resourcefulness, and it's high time I realize my inability to do so.

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