Thursday, June 02, 2005


"Man is most god-like and most himself when he is occupied in creation . . . Our worst trouble today is our feeble hold on creation."
~Dorothy L. Sayers

Sayers went on to say that "we are never so truly ourselves as when we are actively creating something." How often do we see people leading lives of quiet desperation, stuck in jobs, relationships and couch potato activities, none of which have a creative outlet? How often does a "good job" seem to be wonderful at first, but then as the monotony of pushing papers and dealing with cranky customers and coworkers sinks in, the silver lining falls off, and our job becomes hellish?

It is in creating things that we find our sanity, because this is how we were programmed. Couples find fulfillment in creating a family; engineers, in designing structures and machines; intellectuals, in pioneering new ways and patterns of thinking; artists, in shaping new expressions of their souls.

Oh, that my life never be empty of creative power in expression . . .


Daniela said...

I've often wondered why routines get so old so fast, and it's because we're created to be creative, like God, and break out of the monotonous routine.

In the book I'm reading right now, New Way to Be Human, Charlie Peacock says, "God is an aesthetically oriented Creator of a vast complexity of creative work."

If we're created in His image, we should expect to be involved in a complexity of creative work as well.

ceridwen said...

I've found also that we're not necessarily designed to create in a bubble, isolated from others. Those around us can have an amazing effect, and as we feed off each other, we can create things no one of us would ever have imagined on our own. (Thanks, Sarah, for being one of the people who helps spark my creativity. I only hope that I've been able to do that for you, too.)

Daniela said...

Yeah Sarah, you're really creative, like the time you made me those pajama pants.

ceridwen said...

post again, already! I miss your written thoughts.