Wednesday, June 01, 2005

summer reading

One of my friends recently asked me which books I have on my summer reading list. I then had an epiphany--a summer reading list!! (Thanks Mr. Anonymous)

Currently, I'm working on these:

  • Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul by Barbara Reynolds; an excellent, well-rounded biography about one of the best women thinkers of the twentieth century
  • Sex, God & Marriage by Johann Christoph Arnold; a book put out by Plough Publishing House, which I got on sale from CBD. Some chapters are really good, others are so-so in my view, perhaps because most of it doesn't apply to me. But a good overall consideration of the subject.
  • The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins; just finished the first chapter, but love the global and historical scope he presents of Christianity

As I seem to be addicted to buying whatever I find on sale at CBD, I'm making an effort to read the books I already have own. And then I will reward myself by buying a new book (or multiples thereof). Those marked with * are ones which already reside in my library.

Projected Summer Reading List:

  • Letters to a Diminished Church: Passionate Arguments for the Relevance of Christian Doctrine* by Dorothy L. Sayers
  • The remaining 7 Lord Peter Wimsey detective novels by Dorothy Sayers; recently finished Murder Must Advertise* in this series--it is one of the most clever books I have ever read. "Two thumbs up!" Heck, "Fifteen Thumbs up!" yeah, it really was that good.
  • Sexual Ethics* by Stanley Grenz
  • Anything I have left to read from Philip Yancey, which is not much . . . now, in true stalker mode, I'll have to track down all the essays he's ever written for Christianity Today
  • The Problem of Pain* by C. S. Lewis; hopefully with a book club we are working on starting here in California

I suppose I could list out every book I own which I haven't read yet, but at the risk of boring the reader, I will desist. But I do have a request: any suggestions? glaring omissions?


Daniela said...

The Next Christendom--good choice. I have to admit that it was an assigned book for class and I was pressed for time so I skimmed, but the ideas Jenkins presented intrigued me. I deffinitely need to pick it back up again soon.

ceridwen said...

Glaring omissions, you ask? Uh, the BIBLE???

heheh. Just kidding.

Kudos on your list, dear. May we all find the motivation to get all our reading done!