Monday, January 07, 2008

Caffeine to Inhibit my Sleep Receptors

I just returned from first in 4 1/2 years. Wow.

Every week, we'll be studying the history of a certain period and then its effects on structures. I'm so excited! Today we looked at how good architecture must have function, strength and grace or aesthetic beauty.

We looked at Notre Dame in Paris...the cathedral didn't need its roof to be 140 feet above the ground, but by building it that way, its designer caused the eye of most every observer to rise to the heavens, and thus, to feel closer to God. (Not to mention the awesome use of arches throughout the building!)

So what have I to look forward to? Only the amazingness of:
The Ancient World
Classical Greece
The Roman Empire
Early Christian & Byzantine Era
Early Medieval
Gothic (of which Notre Dame is an example)
Baroque & Rococo
Age of Enlightenment
And all the diversity of the 19th & 20th centuries
Crystal Cathedral Field Trip

I think the only drawback is that my first exam (20% of my grade) is the day after the Oscars, and my second exam & midterm (40% of my grade) is the week after our Amor trip, so I'll miss the review.

I can't wait to receive my textbook in the mail.


Trento said...

Haha I guess this means you found it?

Way to go Sarah! Not on finding the building; on going back.

Sarah said...

Yay for me! I DID find the building!

And I found a really cool courtyard next to the ceramics classroom and kiln area. So cool!

Trento said...

O ya! They had a reception for the art student when there was an exhibit put up. Free food! Becauze the gallery is right there. There was this one sweet old lady who baked us cookies a lot, and she was incredible at ceramics and as a first timer she got her work displayed in the same exhibit as our professor's and other instructor's stuff. It was cool.

The Lunaverse said...

Looks like someone's busy