Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quarter Life Crisis

I've decided I'm not really an intellectual. For a long time I'd defined myself as such, and even had begun to amass large quantities of weighty books, which I then never read; I liked the look of them on my bookshelves. But I'm too lazy. I just like for people to think that I'm smart.

I've decided I own too much stuff. Going along with the amassing of books I've never read, and never really had plans to read, I've realized that I don't like owning a lot of things. I feel too stuck, too attached to where I physically am. My new resolve is to start getting rid of things, yes, even my books.

I've decided to become more mobile. Going along with getting rid of things, I hate the fact that I'm so attached to the physical place I am. I want to be able to pack everything I own in my car, and take off. I want to get rid of my debt so I can be free to go wherever and do whatever God has for me.

I've decided to learn a trade. I want to have a marketable skill (sorry Ozark), so I'm back in school. I don't want to be dependent on others' generosity to be able to live. Hence, I'm pursuing architecture, and then maybe I'll move to Chile and help my homeland move towards new urbanism.

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Lindsay Marie said...

Can I help you throw things away? I'm good at that, you know.