Tuesday, January 15, 2008


so...i'm told to vote for indian gaming expansion, to benefit my state without having to raise taxes.

then, i'm told to vote against the same expansion, because it's a front for other political causes, blah, blah, blah.

any insights by those who actually know what is going on (namely, the charlton brothers, although other not-so-informed voters within my circle of acquaintences are welcome to comment)? and, i need to know soon, because of the early deadline of voting by mail.



Andrew said...

Definitely no to the Indian gaming propositions, 94-97, they're scams that will allow the casinos to expand their operations, tripling the number of slot machines, under the guise of helping California. Sure they'll be making some payments they aren't now, but that's offset by being able to take more money from people.

From the Voter Guide: "There would be reductions in other state revenues partially offsetting these increased payments."

Well duh, people would be giving their money to the Indian casinos who are exempt from state and federal income taxes instead of buying stuff and pumping money into the California economy. Considering we've got about a $140 billion dollar budget in California, a couple hundred million, if it ever materializes, is only a drop in the bucket. The only thing that's going to fix our budget problems is some good old spending cuts.

The casinos are positioned to win on this one and that's why they've been pouring millions of dollars into television advertising over the past 6 months.

I'll start going through the Propositions on my blog to help clear things up.

Lindsay Marie said...

You can't vote here Sarah. You're from Missouri.

Sarah said...

If you want to get technical, I'm from Chile, but a natural-born citizen of the U.S., given that both my parents are from the U.S. Plus I've got a card that tells me I CAN vote here.
Or maybe they are all wrong, and accidentally sent me a ballot. YES! I can be subversive without even trying very hard!

nathan118 said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am honored that you think I know anything of value. :)

I'm a NO on these also, but mainly because I don't think it's a state responsibility to govern if a casino has X number of slot machines. I think this is something that should be decided on the local level. If Pechanga wants more slot machines (or whatever casino this affects) then I think Temecula should be able to decide if that is what they want.

Last numbers I heard were that billions of dollars are lost by citizens every year in slot machines, and the negatives from that far outweigh the positives in revenue and casino jobs. But I'm of the mind that if people are stupid and what to throw away their money they can.

But anyways, I like to vote NO on these because I think the Indian communities should find other ways to support themselves than through casinos. Free market casinos like in Las Vegas I have no problem with, but the whole "I'm on a reservation so give me special treatment" isn't cool.

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys. You've given me food for thought! AND, you're not nearly as annoying as campaign adds. :)

Milky said...


nathan118 said...

Kevin, you're never going to get your name mentioned in a fellow bloggers post with a response like that! BLAH BLAH BLAH! hahhaha

And from now on I've decided to sign my posts with the word verification on everyone's blogger.